About Us

We are a green company, promoting local fruits and vegetables (organic whenever possible) processed at the height of freshness.  We use no artificial preservatives, colours or flavour enhancers.  We make our preserves the old fashioned way, the way grandma did.  Although we did have to modify the salt content for our products to be more healthy.  Our dill pickles have only 1/4 the amount of salt.  They are low sodium, great for heart health and for the health-conscious.

Since our produce is seasonal, we sometimes sell out of products (such as dill pickles), we are continuing to increase our stocks so this does not happen, but the the dill pickles were a big favourite, and unfortunately we are all sold out.  We will be doing at least twice the amount we did this year, to correct this.  We also will be adding other products to our food family - relishes and cranberry sauce, we will keep everyone posted. 

We encourage recycling by offering a small refund on 500 ml or larger jars; we use bio-degradeable plastic bags when necessary.  We really like it when you BYOB (bring your own bag)!   

So far "We" is my wife, Martha, and me (JJ, of course). We run the business out of our home in our spare time (a few chuckles, here - what IS spare time??)  Both of us work full time , and it is a challenge to juggle both jobs!

I enjoy cooking and JJ's main goal is  making people happy by producing good tasting, healthy foods.             

B & B pickles - a great addition to a sandwich or burger!