Ingredients lists for our pickled vegetables (asparagus, beans, carrots, dill pickles, garlic, bell pepper, onions)

vegetable, filtered bottled water, vinegar,and pickling spices (celery seed, mustard seed) the dill pickles and dilled carrots also have dill weed and garlic.   

You like hot 'n' spicy? - We have that!

We heat up the vegetables with habenaro and chili peppers, and they are hot, hot, hot!  Consider yourselves warned!  All our vegetables come in pickled and spicy variety.

The pickled beets, B & B and garlic have a little stevia added  for a little sweetness and to smooth out the flavour.

Like lots of garlic?  We have that.  Our garlic is pickled with sweet red bell pepper, which not only gives the the garlic a nice mildness, but looks pretty too.     

Try our garlic finely chopped and mixed into mashed potatoes, sprinkle a little cheese on top and bake in the oven until the cheese melts.

We also have  mustard pickles -  cucumber slices, cauliflowerets, onions, and red bell pepper chunks in a zippy mustard sauce.  If you like "old world"  flavour this one is worth trying.  

Our yummy jams are made with fruit (blueberry, strawberry, raspberry alone or in combination with rhubarb), lemon juice, pectin and a tiny amount of stevia.  These jams taste like luscious, ripe fresh picked fruit.  It is a wonderful treat on ice cream, or in yogourt, or even on your morning toast.  Our next tasty offering is Rhubarb jam. Made from locally grown rhubarb , it is a deliciously different preserve. Great on English crumpets or toast in the morning. Definitely a favourite with rhubarb lovers. Give them a try!  We also have  apple butter,  luscious peach jam, grape jelly and orange-pineapple marmalade and blackberry jelly. These sell out very quickly and some, unfortunately,  are not available year round.   Our newest jam product is a wonderful tropical mango-orange cranberry jam.  We call our fruit preserves "jams", but really they are more of a compote or preserve rather than a jam in the traditional sense of the word.

We have also added some chutneys to our all star line up:  apple chutney, cranberry chutney and cranberry-rhubarb chutney; these savoury and sweet chutneys are a marvelous addition to pork or turkey, very yummy, indeed.

Blazin' red pepper jelly is made from sweet red bell peppers spiced up with habenaro.  It's spicy sweetness is a great compliment to a meat dish or spread over cream cheese.

We have some great relishes too -  

Downunder relish, a real treat for beet lovers.  Beets are  popular in Australia as a topping for hamburgers, so we improved on just beets on hamburgers and viola!  Beet relish, a titillating blend of beets, cabbage and onions with a pickle-ly kick at the end.  Perfect as a accoutrement for meat. 

Corn relish is one of our newer family members,  Ingredients are  corn,cabbage, onion, and red bell pepper vinegar and spices.  It is a nice balance of sweet and sour, a tasty sandwich topper or meat condiment. 

Green relish is also becoming a favourite with our customers; it's a cucumber relish with onions, bell pepper and mustard seeds, excellent for hamburgers or hot dogs.    

Pepper relish - this is a snappy spicy bell pepper relish - good for almost anything you can imagine.  My son ate it with his hot dogs! 

Please continue to visit our booth at your local farmers' markets to see what we have and perhaps what new products we will be making in the future.  We are constantly  experimenting and being offered product suggestions, so stay tuned for more goodies coming from JJ's kitchen!

Try one or try them all!  Almost all (about 90%) of  our products are naturally grown, local produce.   We believe  small farming is a vital (and dying) industry that should be encouraged.  We support our local farmers and our local farmers' markets.  If you haven't been to a farmers' market, please check it out.  You get fabulous food, fruit, vegetables and artisan items that will blow you away!  Come on down and have a fun day browsing around the market.     See you soon!